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replace deposits.

A partnership with mi fido gives you the security to replace deposits with a small monthly fee. This simple change makes you more attractive to new members, increases your retention and delivers a whole new revenue stream.
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Convert more tours into tenants

By getting rid of the outdated business of deposits, costs can be reduced and your offered workspace is opened up to a wider pool of renters. This creates a significant competitive advantage for those operators partnering with mi fido.

Make it easier to join your workspace

In a crowded market, cost has a major influence on a renter’s decision to move. Avoid empty desks and rental voids by reducing the cost for new tenants.

With a mi fido subscription, prospective tenants can reduce their moving in costs by up to 2/3rds and they can start their lease with you immediately instead of waiting for the return of an old deposit.
  • Reduce your void periods
  • Stand out in a crowded market
  • Open up to a wider pool of renters
  • Capture tenants earlier in their lifecycle

Improve your retention.

Satisfied tenants stay longer. That’s why our platform enables a frictionless move-in experience, helping you set the tone for a great member experience going forward.

Traditional deposit are not trusted in the startup & SME communities as bad experiences are commonplace. In fact, 42% of the SMEs we’ve interviewed had been charged unfairly when leaving their workspaces, and 100% of those warned others SMEs of their experience. 

With mi fido, you show your members that you’re taking a stand against unfair practices. That allows you to build financial fair play and transparency into your value proposition. This ethos inspires loyalty and fosters goodwill from your members.
  • Frictionless moves within your building
  • Increased friction when considering an exit.
  • Inspire loyalty from your members

Unlock your growth potential.

With a reduction in rental voids, and an increase in member retention, you'll quickly have the extra resources to justify your next expansion, plus the opportunity to deliver on projects that enhance your tenants experiences.

A partnership with mi fido also opens up a whole new revenue stream. Get in touch to find out how.
  • Increase revenue growth
  • Expand more quickly
  • Enviable upsurge in rental yields
  • Fast payouts

Designed for you

We’re an experienced team with over 20 years of experience in the flexible workspace industry. We know precisely the kinds of challenges that come with managing and growing workspaces. That’s why we’ve designed mi fido to exacting standards suitable for even the most ambitious workspace brands.

Seriously good tech

The mi fido platform is fast. Seriously. That means you and your team can organise subscriptions, moves, exits and process end of tenancy charges quickly. Furthermore, our cutting edge technology uses an event-sourced architecture that’s designed for high reliability and which enables complete audit trails.

First class support

When you join mi fido, you get direct access to our first-class support team. We will onboard you quickly and thoroughly, as well as advise you on best practices. Plus, we offer an Enterprise SLA as a standard.
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Security obsessed

Our data-driven approach to risk management and our real-time account updater for payment recovery work together to offer your workspace more protection than a traditional deposit. In case that's not enough, we go one step further by encrypting your data both in transit and at rest.

Streamlined check-ins & outs

coming soon
Reduce end-of-tenancy disputes by creating check-in reports that can be verified by each new tenant. mi fido automatically compares check-outs against the original check-in report and highlights what needs attention. This helps create a transparent process that is fast, professional and undisputedly brilliant.

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